Sooziz, a Game on iPhone and the Pleasure to Master a System

When Sooziz was released on iPhone, I didn't test it. Its description and the screenshots I had seen made me think it was perhaps too simple. But then, recently, I noticed it was usually well rated. So, I downloaded it and began to play this platform game, just to see...

I first appreciated how user-friendly it is. Then, my progression in the game allowed me to take advantage of the specificity of its gameplay better: each platform has its own gravity. From level 2 of the second world onwards, the different levels enable you to enjoy it better: they are more elaborate, you make great leaps, you open passages, etc. You master, then, a system that obeys to different physical laws from those we have on Earth and you can take a great pleasure in that.

So, for me Soosiz joins games that I particularly appreciate on iPhone like Dark Nebula and Rolando.

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