Book: Teaching Videogames

I like James Newman's books (senior lecturer in Media Communications at Bath Spa University). Previously, I read Videogames (2004): this is one of the relevant books to start studying video games. I also read 100 Videogames (2006): a selection of 100 video games and I am one of the contributors of Difficult Questions About Videogames (co-edited by James Newman).

Soon, I will begin a new course about video games... So, I have just read another book by James Newman: Teaching Videogames (2006, written with Barney Oram). Here is a selection of very relevant sections for my course:
  • Why study videogames?
  • Genre classification of videogames (adventure, beat'em up, platform, puzzle, racing, rhythm action, role-playing games, shooters, sports, strategy)
  • Game analysis (narrative/structure, action, character, visuals, sound)
  • Womem and videogames
  • Videogame fans: From players to producers
  • Composition of the videogame industry

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Anonyme a dit…

thank you for this blog and your list of books! I wish I could attend your course, it sure will be great!
Laurent / Jvbib